I am totally confused with DDR ram. Please help

Can some body please explain to me how the different how the different speeds work with AMD vs. P4 mobos? I am getting one of the following combos:

ALBATRON INTEL 845PE & 2.4 ghz P4
ASUS P4PE/L &2.4 ghz P4
Epox Motherboard EP-8RDA+ & AMD 2400+
LEADTEK Motherboard K7NCR18D-PRO & AMD 2400+

I need to be able to upgrade in the future and I want to have a pretty fast system. I will overclock but I won't be unlocking any chips. I have a 1.2 ghz amd tbird that I can use for now and upgrade the cpu in March with around $300 or I can get it now for $200 and get a $300 video card in March.

***The Main Question***
I am confused on what ram to get for these boards. There are so many different speeds and some say they support the ram and others don't I just need to know what is the fastest ram I can officially or unofficially put in them. The ram sticks I have been looking at are the: Samsung, Geil, and Corsair verisons of the PC2700, PC3000, PC3200. Price differences don't matter I just want the best of these that will work with my board.

***Secondary Question****
What are your impressions of these combos, (i.e. if I gave you the money to buy one for yourself what one would you buy)?
I already have video + sound + LAN, so if it has them, it doesn't matter but if it doesn't have them it doesn't matter either but I would like good performance.

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  1. This should have probably been in the memory forum, but here goes anyway: If you want the most a$$ kickin RAM out there then go with the Corsair XMS. I also use Samsung with great success but the Corsair is the best.

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  2. Primary - Officially most boards are beginning to support DDR333 although some unofficially can operate and utilize up to DDR433. Especially with an Intel rig.. And I agree with jlanka, I use Corsair too - its the best there is.

    Secondary - I'd go for an Intel 845PE or SiS648 board, meaning I too have been looking at the P4PE and P4S8X.

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