help - hard drive light stays on continuously??

I just put together a new P4 2.4 ghz computer on an Intel D850EMV2 motherboard. Everything works great, but there is one strange thing that is driving me nuts trying to figure out:

If I boot with only the hard drive connected via an 80-IDE cable to the primary black IDE connector, the hard drive light works normally. Hard drive set to primary master with jumper on the hard drive on master.

But if I connect a plextor CDR drive to the secondary IDE connector, the IDE light stays on continuously from right after post. I've tried setting the CDR to auto detect and CD, and the jumper on the drive is set to master and it's set as the secondary master in bios.

If I turn the secondary IDE channel off in bios, the IDE/hard drive light works normally flashing when the drive is acceessed. If I turn on the secondary IDE channel the light stays on continuously. But even when the light is on continuously, access to both the hard drive and cdr drive is normal.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Thanks for any pointers.
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  1. It should work with hardrive set as master, and plextor set as slave. I wouldn't use auto detect, as this could cause some delay in bootup. I couldn't get my cd-rw to work either unless I set my cd-rom at master, and cd-rw as slave. It doesn't work as a slave with the hardrive (isn't detected by software for some reason). I don't like it, as it runs much slower. I'll probably get a raid board next time, and run the hardrive on the raid ide port, and atatch each cd to separate regular ide's for more speed.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I don't think I was clear in my first post.

    The problem is simply a problem with the IDE/hard drive light staying on continuously rather than showing activity when the CDR is attached.

    I have the following
    -Pri Master (80) -> Auto Detect (Seagate Hard Drive)
    --Pri Slave -> None
    -Sec Master (40) -> CDROM (Plextor CDR)
    --Sec Slave -> None

    If I enable the second IDE channel in bios with the CDR attached, the IDE light stays on continuously. If I disconnect the CDR or disable the secondary ide channel, the IDE light acts normally showing activity. But even with the IDE light on continuously, both the hard drive and CDR function normally (and the actual CDR light is normal). I'm just not sure why the activity light becomes continuously on if the second IDE channel is enabled and the CDR is connected, and if it might indicate a more serious problem in the future.
  3. forget about those lights. they're just idiot lights anyway. it's always a crap shoot whether or not they work right. as long as the system works, thats what counts.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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