Motherbord problem (I think.)

I removed my prior ASUS A7V KT133 motherboard holding a Duron 650 processor and replaced it with an ABIT KX7-333 board and a 1.7 Athlon XP processor. After installation (Including drivers from CD) everything seems to perform very stable without any noticable errors. All the hardware is noticed via Plug & Play (scanner, ethernet cards, printer, etc.) However, after installing all the drivers I can't get the scanner to operate or connect to the internet via my cable modem. With my prior motherboard the scanner and internet both worked properly, but now they don't although Windows 98 clearly recognizes them. Could this be a driver issue or could something else be causing the problem?

The Cable modem was originally connected through a USB adapater on my other motherboard so I kept the setup at first. Once I noticed my scanner didn't work I figured the problem was totally USB. Thus, I installed an ethernet card and bypassed the adapter. I still can't connect to the internet however. It appears that my cable modem is talking to the computer however because the light is flickering showing transfer of packets.

On both cases I uninstalled the adapters and did a clean reboot and reinstall. Only thing I haven't done is reinstall Windows 98, download the updated USB drivers from the ABIT, or updated drivers from Linksys (the adapter) website.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem or what is the cause would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Any suggestions?
  2. Did you install the latest VIA drivers?
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