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A little while ago one of the tech websites did a comparison of a standard quad-core (Q6600 I think) vs a fast duo. The duo was better on most measures, except for one of the benchmarks that utilized separate cores efficiently; then the quad was way faster.
And I bet a 64-bit software would be faster than its equivalent 32-bit software on today's hardware.

So: when will video companies start making PC games that are 64-bit and/or can take advantage of separate cores?

PS: I'm talking to YOU Chrysis! You're no doubt proud that your game can't be run efficiently until 2009 or thereabouts. Sure, real cute, make our PCs look weak and slow. But I blame YOU: why don't you redesign your program to utilize the hardware that we have now, huh???
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  1. Crysis does have the ability to run in 64-bit mode as well as use multiple cores.

    Unreal Engine 3 is multi-core enabled, but still 32-bit I think.
  2. Crysis in 64 runs no better than 32, hardly uses the extra cores and wont use but a 2gig of my 8gig of ram.

    In x86 64bit is mostly about addressing more ram so if you don't use it there no real performance difference.
  3. I guess I just want game companies to accomodate my PC, not the other way around.
    I'm also just a little depressed -- I checked in at and my shiny new PC didn't meet the recommended for Chrysis.
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