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I have a few questions regarding using certain CPU's in certain mainboards.
I've been trying to fix a Compaq Presario 5000 that was damaged from a power surge. When I plugged in the computer the fans started up and the CD drives started whirring but nothing appeared on the monitor.
I've tried the video card in another computer and I know that it works fine.
The only other reasons I can think of that the computer wouldn't work (or wouldn't display anything on the monitor)would be 1) CPU is fried, 2) RAM is fried.
I have a computer with a Shuttle AK31 v2 mainboard and I tried the CPU from the broken computer in it with the same results. My questions are:
1)Should the possibly fried CPU (AMD Duron 800) work in the Shuttle mainboard in the first place?
2)Is it possible to try my Athlon XP1800 in the mainboard of the compaq presario 5000 (I have no idea what the specs are on this board)?

I just want to make sure of the problem before having someone purchase a new CPU for their computer (even though it is under $30)
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  1. $30 is a small price to pay to see if your motherboard still works. About as cheap as paying someone to check out your system. If you live near Fry's electronics, they have cheap combo deals that basically give you the motherboard for $10-20 over the price of the cpu alone. I also buy refurbished stuff from newegg. Wish I could help you on your board, but don't know if a standard atx board will fit in your case. I would check out the backside of the case, and compare it to an atx board. Newegg provides views of all the boards it sells. You may also need a new power supply, as the old one may have been damaged.
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