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I have all the parts for my gaming pc that i am building,e.g. e7600 duo core 3.06ghz cpu,,EP45-UD3L GIGABYTE MOTHERBOARD,XFX 4770 RADEON GRAPHICS CARD,NZXT APPOLLO CASE,GW 550W PSU,4GB CORSAIR RAM,,is it better for me to wait for windows 7,is that system better for my gaming,coz i really dont know,or just buy windows vista???thanks in advance :)
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  1. I got an extra Windows Vista business thats never been used, that I could let go for pretty cheap. PM me if interested.
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    That wasn't the question, daship...
    Anyway, I think it would be much better to wait for Win7. The gaming performance is very marginally better, in many cases not noticeable. But other things, like networking, boot and shutdown times, features, etc. have been drastically improved. As a gamer, you would probably save a minute startup time to get into a game faster. ;) I have been testing Win7 on my laptop, and it is lightyears ahead of the XP that was on there, and (not quite so) far ahead of Vista.
  3. With less then a month to W7 release I would wait and get a full version, rather then buying Vista with an upgrade to W7.
  4. Frankly I doubt you'd notice any performance difference between the two, but I agree that the Windows 7 release is imminent and if you can stand to wait for a few weeks then you'll be able to avoid the inevitable upgrade.
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