Fix for hp hdx 16t television tuner in windows 7

After I installed Windows 7 the hp hdx 16t digital tuner stopped working. HP media center recognizes only the analogue tuner. I also have had limited luck with HP's USB digital/analogue tuner
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  1. Do you have the Windows 7 drivers? you can download them from HP. >>>
    Make sure you select the 32 or 64 bit depending on which version you are using.
  2. duh. I missed your reply of long ago. I've repeatedly looked for and installed HP drivers supposedly compatible with Windows 7 (64 bit). Nothing works and I don't think that HP has ever fixed this problem. I paid a premium for this product and it doesn't work for squat.
    HP's digital/analog tuner isn't much use either but part of that may be that Windows Media Center is an awful program that won't do live TV off the tuner as best I can determine. HP apparently doesn't have software to run the product.

    I think that HP's USB tuner and the HDX 16t internal tuner are both worthless. An analogue tuner serves virtually no purpose.
    I have a Slingbox Pro. A much better product than either of these. While I digress, I also have Dish Network integrated Sling. It is dramatically inferior to the Slingbox Pro. Plus, contrary to their sales representations, the Slingbox component of the receiver is counted as a separate receiver and Dish Network charges a $7 monthly fee for each additional receiver after 3. So much for free HD TV. Can't wait for my contract to expire..
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