lost character hellgate due to game crash

hey guys...i have a unique problem...was playing hgl as a evoker....everythin was going wel...i was a level 10 or somethin when the game crashed....when i restarted my character was not there....dunno wat happened....i checked the c;/documents/user/my games/hellgate to find tat my save games r intact but a file by the name of my character is missing...it seems to have an extension of.hg1.....i recognised this coz this hg1 file of another character my frnd made is still there which is being shown in the game character selection menu ...im feelin pretty pissed offf...does somebody know a workaround???plz help...
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  1. So you created a character, started playing, never exited the game once, and it crashed ? If that's it, your character is simply lost. If you never saved your character, then your character simply doesn't exists yet, and if it crashes, wave bye bye to your character. The same thing happened to me, and yeah, I was pissed as well. Just remember to save the game as often as possible.
  2. no man...i did exit my game...many times......u see the save games r still there....but the character file is missing...
  3. I don't remember you can perform save game in Hellgate. The game saves by itself as you progress. There is no load game option either.

    I would write to the game support for help. Hopefully they have ways to repair the game files.

    Have you tried the free online version? Your characters will be saved onto the online server instead.

    PS. I assume you played the offline version.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your character. I don't think there's any workaround to get it back, but fortunatly it was only a level 10. That's about 4 to 5 hours of work lost. Could have been worse if it was lvl 30 or 40 and you lost a week's worth of work.

    My suggestion is make a character on Multiplayer so your information is saved on Flag Ship's Servers. (if possible)

    If you prefer single player. You may want to just copy the save directory when you're done playing each day. Save a copy of the directory to a different spot on your hard drive so if this ever happens again, you can restore your characters without loosing more then one session of progress.

    Best of luck...
  5. Similar to wrugoin's suggestion, but maybe you could make a .bat file which you just double click when you exit the game, it could copy all the saved game files into a separate folder. Would be faster than copying them yourself each time.

    I cant remember all the commands right now, for some reason i always forget them! Just google for them.
  6. yeah its only lvl 10 if i lost my lvl 30 or my lvl 35 then I would get mad but it will take you about a good hour of grinding to get that character back
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