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Hi forum faithful,

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We (a couple friends and myself) are in the
process of building a website for online gamers. If you're familiar at
all with that realm, you know that all of the players in a game have to
connect to a server to play against other competitors. All of those
servers come from various game server providers or GSP's for short.

been in a few gaming clans over the years, one of the major challenges
I've noticed is that the clan leader has to sort through the various
GSP's and *hope* he finds a good one for his squad. Right now its very
much guess and pick. That's where our site comes in. www.gamehostingreviews.com is currently
in the process of building a database system for gamers to submit
reviews for the various GSP's.

Prior to our launch of the new
site, we'd like to put on a little marketing blitz to the various clans
and gaming websites that are out there. That's where the idea of a
"We've just re-vamped the site, come join us!" video comes in. We
already have lots of stock footage of different games, a logo and a few
other graphics.

All we need now is someone that is technically
savvy enough to put all the media together and make a proper promo
video. If you're a gamer that would love to help out the rest of the
gaming community, we'd love to talk to you. As with the rest of our
volunteer staff, we're really passionate about games and we hope you
are too!

If you can help out in any way or if you know someone
that can, please reply to this thread (or PM me here on Tom's) or email
psantos .....a-t..... gamehostingreviews |dot| com. We're all trying to
pitch in and do our part, if you'd like to join our team, we'd love to
have you.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!
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  1. 1. This really is advertising your site
    2. "PC Gaming" is not your personal army
    3. I'll do it if you pay me enough. Do you have a 401k savings plan?
    4. Should be:
    IF ANYwhere.
    5. Have a lovely evening.
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