Need Help with Lego Star Wars install/ATI HD2600xt

Im having problems running my sons Lego Star Wars game...I successfully install and play, then after logging out and then trying to play tries to reinstall and takes me to a screen where i have to choose between Modifying, Repairing, or Removing the program.

Has anyone had this problem?

Also, Ive tried to run Battlefield 2...and it wont run. It always ask me to place disk 2 in, then when I put disk 2 in and click "OK", it dumps me to mt desktop....anyone hear of that?

I have a brand new Dell 530, 2 Gig ram, 320 harddrive, ATI Radeon HD2600XT, 2core duo E4500.

Do you think I have a defective graphic card?

I havent gone to ATI's website to download new drivers...I just recieved this Dell 2 days ago.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Sounds more like a software issue than hardware. Are you running Vista?
  2. Found that, it's for lego star wars 2 but maybe their site has one for lego star wars if it's that one you're after

    "If you are having problems with installing the PC CD-ROM version of this game (i.e. on Windows XP - cabinet file has an invalid digital signature) then there is a patch now available at:-
    If you download and install this file:- LEGO Star Wars Installer Patch v1.0.1_efigsd.exe then the game will work properly."
  3. Spanner, thanks for the help! I am running XP, when I get home, I'll do the update...thanks again.
  4. hey i am also having a problem with my lego star wars 1 game. its worked twice but every other time i turn it on it gets to right when the music starts and then it says its stopped working like it just shuts down when its working properly im on a windows vista labtop if there are any patches or anything that can solve this problem please email me at
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