Belkin N52 or Saitek CCU

As ive just build a pretty good gaming machine, im looking at getting a gaming pad to use with it to avoid hurting my wrists (on games....). The two that seem to be the most popular are the Belkin Nostromo N52 ( and the Saitek Cyborg Command Unit (

Looking at reviews on the internet, both have their good and their bad, with different people prefering the different types of wrist/hand support. So far the Saitek seems to be, technically, the best. With the most popular key layout and the most consistent build quality. (One review said that out of 3 Belkins, all had different 'faults' on certain buttons/features,

Has anyone had any experience with either of these peripherals?


Update: Reading people's comments here ( im leaning slightly more towards the N52 now, as its apparently more comfortable. But im still a little worried about the build quality flagged up in the review i linked earlier. Any of your experiences/opinions will be greatly appreciated as ill order whichever i chose tomorrorw!
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  1. I highly recommend you disregard both. I own seven gamepads, The n50, the n52, the Saitek Cyborg, the Ideazon Fang, The WolfKing warrior, and both versions of the Flexiglow CyberSnipa.

    The main reason for not getting the n52 or the saitek are the lack of buttons. I find it impossible to play FPS with them as I simply need more buttons, and having to hold down a button to get to another set of keys is really retarded IMO.
    That and the N52 keys are rather hard to press out of the box. It just doesn't feel as good as the Zboard or the Flexiglow. The saitek is a piece of crap imo, as does my friend.
    I have friends who had been using either the saitek or the n52, until I introduced them to the CyberSnipa and they both tried it and switched immediately.

    The keys are good right out of the box, the layout is very easy to get used to, and it has alot of buttons. As far as build quality goes, it has lasted me over two years now and I have given it some abuse via transporting and dropping it a few times.
    I would recommend the flexiglow CyberSnipa first by a considerable margin, the Fang second, and the WolfKing third, the n52 fourth and the Saitek very, very last. All of these can be found for around 30$ too. (USD)

    Please look into the recommendations I made.

    Flexiglow V2:
    Flexiglow V1: (they come in silver or black)

    Zboard Fang:

    WolfKing Warrior: (comes in different colors)

    If you dont like any of above, then definately go with the n52. It's a good pad. Just not great. Belkin has a new pad, the n52TE although i don't have it or know if it's any better. Happy Gaming.
  2. Wow, thanks. Ill definately look into those. They look much more useable with the extra buttons and layout! Those flexiglow ones look nice :D

    Update: Just found the Snipa V2 on about 4 sites all for less than £20!

    Update2: Just bought the Snipa V2 off ebay for £25
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