soyo sy-k7v, maybe somthing newer?

I am about to get the sy-k7v kt266a board with;
Atlon XP-2000+
ati 8500DV
new case, cooling, 420+ PSU.
and was just thinking at this price range maybe I should spend a few more dollors and get something newer that has something that the sy-k7v does not?
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  1. Well i did a little bit more looking and it seems that I could get a KT400 chipset like a Asus A7V8X-A with AMD Athlon XP 1900+ for the same price. I could also get a Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra for about 30 buck more with a XP-1900+ (like around $230).
  2. ok...I am now at the point I will be getting a Asus A7N8X?
  3. why did you go from an AMD xp2000+ down to a lower performing Cpu (1900+) but get a better mobo?

    are you trying to create yourself some room for upgrading later on?

    save up your money and go with the highest you can get... then your next upgrade can be to a 64-bit system... asus a7v8x is a great board..

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  4. I agree with rob423. I'm running the a7v8x right now & it's a fine board. I think everyone is hung on the little performance gain the a7n8x has over the a7v8x. Look at the posts on this forum & the benches here. The a7n8x is a little finicky & the drivers aren't quite up to snuff yet. The a7v8x installs right out of the box with the latest BIOS (doesn't need flashing yet). Load the OS, VIA drivers & rock!!! I believe that a7n8x will mature, but it will be awhile. BTW I'm not anti a7n8x because I'm putting one together for a client, but the a7v8x is easier to set up.

    The other thing is, I'd at least go with the AXP 2400 to get the latest Palomino core. I feel that's the lowest I want to go right now in a CPU. The 2700s & 2800s have the 333 FSB, but are to pricey right now in my book. Get the 2400 & after hammer comes out get the 2800 with the 333 FSB cheap. The board already supports 333 & 400 FSB. You got all the speed you need right there & an upgrade path for the future. My $.02.


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