Tiger S2460 ????

I just ebayed a S2460 and am having trouble getting it to post. I beleive the board will work when I get all it's picky quarks in order. I have found in most part that MB's are tough.
1. Will the S2460 run with only 1 CPU and no DummyCPU?
2. Has anyone run the S2460 with Duron (Morgan)
3. Run the board with Crucial ECC regestered Ram
4. Is there a misprint in the manual on P13 J53?


PS one more:) Has any one ever gotten any support from tyan.com
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  1. what exactly is it doing? is everything powering on? just no video? what video card do you have? i do recall in the early revisions of the manual there was a misprint, check tyan's website for the correct jumper settings. i do believe morgan cores are fine. crucial doesn't play well with the s2460. not saying it won't work, but people had problems with it.

    cdrw, floppy drive, cd-rom? what are these strange words you speak of?
  2. It was powering up with the fans but would not light the monitor. I have a nvidia 16mb agp card. thats all. I had 2 durons 1.2 which I thought I had the L5 bridge set. I could not get a ohm reading there though and bought two 1.2 MP's which I got today and they work fine. I must need to work on my liquid silver. Right now it seems to be working OK. Just started. Going to try to run NT4 and Linux on it.

    Does the S2460 need a dummy cpu to run with 1 cpu?

    Thanks for the look. Do you use a Tyan MB?

  3. hi,
    so you connected the L5 bridge? on later made chips i keep seeing people say that there is some type of coating over the contacts, what you need to do is on the contacts give a light scrape with the tip of a pin or razor(whatever you work better with). then apply your conductive silver.

    glad it is working though now, those mp 1.2's are dirt cheap (least in the US). i was running the s2460, little quirky to get going but once it was setup it was a rock. i did get rid of it though. there is a grounding problem between higher end geforce cards and tyan boards. what you'll experience is like wavy lines going through the monitor (like running refresh at 60hz, but worse).

    that's one good thing about the newer socket boards though. you don't need to run a terminator in the other empty socket if you're running a single cpu. i remember the dual slots you had to (on some). but some mobo makers say others don't, that if you do run 1, keep it in the first socket (cpu0).

    a really good site/forum to check out is 2cpu.com
    that's all it is is a site base for people running dual cpu rigs, should check it out. a lot of smart people there and if you run into problems chances are someone there has already been through it. good luck and have fun.

    cdrw, floppy drive, cd-rom? what are these strange words you speak of?
  4. I use tyan S2460 with dual XP 1800+(L5 good),of cause it's show dual MP 1800+ at boot-up
    1. I have use one XP(L5 bad) in any socket place,
    no needed DummyCPU you said.and it's show XP 1x00+ on screen,the bios(maybe chipset) check MP/XP by L5
    2. I always use Unbuffered ddr. In fact,any type ddr all ok
    3. no misprint on my manual(revision 1.03) about J53
    I type to you....
    266MHz 200MHz
    J52 2-3 1-2
    J53 2-3 2-3
    you can get a copy(PDF) from tyan.com
    I live in taiwan,and tyan's headquarters is in taiwan also
    you can goto http://www.tyan.com/html/contact.html
    and give him a call.(not only in taiwan)

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  5. <b>mbetea</b> Thanks for the site, will check it out. I think I will like the MP's I got a real good deal on them. I plan on using a 64M ATI when I get it in a case. SOON. A coating on the bridges I thought that might be the case. I was having trouble even testing the contact paste I was using and bought some of the liquid silver Tom suggested. Keep a eye out for me when I have more problems

    <b>jackyyang</b> Your J53 opposite of what mine says
    266mhz 200mhz
    1-2 1-2

    I got the download manual and I think it was the same as my manual. rev 1.00 :) You say that most any DDR will work?

    I plan on getting the Durons to work. When I get the L5 bridged.

    Thanks for the help
  6. S2460 have two version,1.00 & 1.03
    tyan's web site have a description to choose manual.
    Maybe your MB not as same as mine.

    Yes!!! ANY DDR work on S2460.
    I use kingmax DDR 333 CL=2.5 run at DDR 266 CL=2.
    Don't care about tyan's manual.
    Because I am DRAM testing engineer(write testing program).
    Why need "registered"?
    simple to say.......
    in same size & speed,unbuffered dram is better than registered dram.
    you can see the spec. of tyan i7505 s???? MB.
    this MB is newest on the world.
    use dual Intel XEON & i7505 chipset.
    this chipset is no needed "registered" dram.
    it can handle 16GB unbuffered dram.cool......
    the "registered" dram is not a future product.
    because dram need big power at before.
    if dram module is very big.then need a IC call "registered"
    on module to keep power & freq..
    now dram die is good than before.so.......

    Does the Duron need to work on L5??
    I remember only XP need to work...????!!!!
    other cpu like duron & TB no needed to work on L5.
    at least in taiwan I ever no hear which one to do this.
    just put on MB and do SMP.

    sorry I have no good english.
  7. Thanks <b>jackyyang</b> I understand your english fine. That is good about not needing reg ddr, can save some money. The newer durons I have seen have the bridge on the L5 cut. I read that the 1 gig and above duron is on the same chip as the XP but with less cash.

    I have the s2460 ver 1.00. I saw at a site where 124mhz could be reached with the proper setting on J53. That may explain both J53 being the same jumper. That must be where the split of the MHz is.

    Isn't technology wonderful?

  8. Subject: Re: Tiger S2460 ????

    I have a S2460 and using a stick of Crucial 512 PC2100 ECC ran VERY unstable. Switched to Kinston 512 PC2100 ECC and problem was gone. Tyan is very specific on what RAM you can run in this board reliably. Check the support site for RAM recommendations: http://www.tyan.com/support/html/pc2100_tg_mp.html
    You'll notice that Crucial is NOT there.

    Also, they have a table of supported video cards. Check to see if yours is listed:

    Hope this helps
  9. Thanks for the links <b>mwalters</b> All I read about this board is that it is particular!!! I will mostlike endup with some kingston ram. With the other thing I want to try it must be stable.

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