Problems with a new psc 2410

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Just bought and installed a new PSC2410 replacing my old deskpro695 (which
gave me problems) and I have a couple of 'problems' which I wonder if anyone
can help me with

I am running a 2 gig P4 with XP home

1] on boot up I now get a new start-up screen with the options either to go
to 'My Account' - there is only one account on the machine - or 'Terminate
LCAR interface'. The second choice simply gives me the Shutdown options
icons. I understand this is something to do with the fax line being both a
voice and an answerphone. Is this right?? Any help on this appreciated

2] If I power off the printer with the PC still on it reboots the PC. Is
this normal. Again any ideas appreciated

Thanks for listening


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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    I'm having a simple problem with mine - it is making pinstripes on everything
    it prints, even with two new cartridges installed and cleaned. Anyone have a
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