Lost Odyssey?

Has anyone had a chance to check out Lost Odyssey yet? I love the Final Fantasy series, and alot of other good rpgs and was wondering if this one is worth getting.
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  1. We're waiting on a copy of the game and will probably have a review of it at some point in the near future -- that is, if enough people think it's worth doing a review of it. It is, after all, another console exclusive.

    Still, the game has gotten some good impressions so far.
  2. I played a bit of the Japanese version last year.

    It seems that Microsoft is trying to get into the Japanese RPG market by loading up on famous writing and manga talent, and sticking to conventional gameplay.

    Design team is Mistwalker. Same people who did Blue Dragon.

    Solid, Japanese console RPG. Smart story. Great looks. Lots of too long cutscenes. 4 freaking DVDs.
  3. We're waiting on a copy for me to poop on.
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