Hello again.

Bought Company of Heroes. Installed it on my main pc, but I still play online games on the other. If I install COH on both PCs, will I have copyright protection problems?
Also, as per the other thread, I am having the same problem with Lego Star Wars. I downloaded the patch and am going to run a Windows repair to see if that clears up the driver problems (does anybody know which LSW folder to place the patch in?). BTW- I was having the same problem on my Invidia system as on my ATI system. Game will play once, then will not play again. Installed it on both pcs so the copyright protection might be erroneous and think that I gave a copy away.
Anyway, do you think COH will have the same problem if I install it on the backup/family/shared pc lol.
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  1. Ive got UT3, CoD2 and 4, Diablo II (yeah, old school) and several other games running on two computers, often at the same time whilst playing online. Never once have i encountered a problem with them (me and my bro have played against each other online [not LAN] with the same cd key on CoD4).

    As far as i know you will only incur copy protection problems if you install it on a LOT of machines and spread your CD key about on the internet! I think the reason two computers in one household can play a game online using the same CD key is because they (usually) use the same internet connection and so have the same external IP address, meaning servers dont notice a problem (thats my 'educated' guess, i could be wrong...but it should still be fine!).
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