FS: XPS 730 Case w/1kw PSU+DVD burner+Media Card Reader w/blutooth

Hey guys, this is my 1st post on toms. but i have been reading from here for years.
I am about to buy a HF932 case and aquagate max luquid cooling system cooler master. So I gotta get rid of my old case, dell XPS 730.
Well, I actually bought the case seperately from my bro, who parted out his XPS 730 H2C.
The case is in mint condition, no scratches. I still have the original box, user manual, and all that stuff came from directly from

If you are looking at this, I guess you know how hard to get a XPS 730 case at a reasonable price. It is extremly hard to buy the case along because it is a very new model, and nobody would sell it seperately and it wont be a XPS 730 any more if they do, plus it is the 1 of the 2 ATX case in the whole XPS family, might even in all dells.
You can get a 720 case for about $100 at a OK condition because it is a BTX case, which means you cant put any ATX mobo in. However, the XPS 730 is a standard ATX case so that you can pretty much do all the modification without worrying if the parts will fit in becasue they will.

Here is what comes with the case:
Original box, user manual, all cables, and everything you need. just pulg in your parts in.
silver XPS 730 case w/ X stylish side panel + 1000w stock PSU + stock dvd burner + 19 in 1 media card reader. There are 3 big fans in there, 2 for system, 1 for hard drives. fan controllers, fan and temp monitor LCD, one extra on-the-spot small fan. No heatsink ( because it was a H2C version which uses the dell liquid cooling system)

$400 shipping included. Paypal only. I can list it on ebay if feel its safer.
( this thing is huge, weighted about 60lbs, it costs about $70 just for the shipping, if you do not want the box, it will be smaller but not sure how much would that be)

Btw, I do have some more for sale:
eVGA Geforce 9800GX2 for sale, which is 1GB DDR3 01G-P3-N891-AR. comes with original box and everything. never abused, or OCed.
$200 w/shipping

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 w/ original box, heatsink fan, and everything. Comes with Intel warranty. It sits in my rig for less than 5 hours, never OCed. then i switched to QX9650 cos I decided to OC a lot.
$180 w/shipping

I will offer a 7 days exchange if DOA. No return, exchange or any kind if burnt due to excessive OCing. Buyer pays return shipping fee.

All pics can be viewed:
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  1. PM sent
  2. Email me at I would like to give you an offer on the case.
  3. i am interested in it, and the video card do you have everything in it that came with it like the hard drive too as i already have a 730 xps myself and i like it very much but i only have one of the 9800gx2 cards in it right now, would you consider my buying it from you like around october 15-17 as thats when i get my big money?? i could pay you by paypal then.


    see i would be getting it for my charity organization i run where i help low income and disabled children

    course you could always consider donating it to me and you would get a tax receipt for the full value of what you originally paid for it on the tax receipt you know. as i am very generous on the tax receipt to help you out on your taxes if you donate it.

    my charity website is down for maintence right now but it will be back up on the 1st again for you to view it.

    but heres the site address but as i said it wont be back up until the 1st ok.

    but you can google me and see i am really a charity and see what we do.

    Computers for all
    portage, michigan
  4. Well I was just wondering if you still have the xps 730 case if so please let me know. My e-mail address is
  5. how much for the xpx730 case and video card as i love that video card i have that same one in my other dell xps730 i have. have any parts for sale?? and would you give me a discount seeing i am buying it for my charity organization, we are a licensed charity plus all donations to us are 100% tax deductible we give a tax receipt, so if you ever want to think about donating to us we give the value of the item on the tax receipt of what it cost when it was new so you can get more of a tax deduction off the taxes. with financial donations this year its been so hard on our charity to get the equipment we need .

    but we need this for our charity organization so we can continue to help out low income and disabled children, our charity name is : computers for all you can look us up, we do have a website but they are upgrading it so its down right now will be back up soon i hope. but we are listed on site as a charity on their site. and you can google us, we are located in portage, mi.

    thanks, angela
    president, founder
    computers for all
  6. Hi

    Do you still have that XPS 730 case? I am extremely interested in buying it! email me at or just drop a message back here.


  7. I have an XPS 730 that I will be posting on ebay shortly.
    Intel Core2 Quad 2.83Ghz
    8Gb PC13333 DDR3 Ram
    Geforce GTX280 1GB Video Card
    750Gb Seagate Hard Drive(data)
    120Gb OCZ agility3 SSD(operating system only)
    Creative SB X-Fi Sound card
    DVD-Multi Drive
    Dual Ethernet
    1000W Power Supply
    Cast aluminum 730 Case with built in cooling fans and heat sinks.
    Windows 7 Professional (valid license including sticker)

    This system is deadly quick and responsive. Scores a 7.1 on the Windows Experience Index, max is 7.9.
    System has been configured to maximize performance with the SSD.
    It will be going up for 7 day auction, bidding will start at $1000 cdn.
    Well worth it for a strong gaming machine.
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