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Well I recently installed the Zombie Mod to cod4 so this could be the problem but i am not sure.

I can click anything else on the Main Menu screen or cod4, by this i mean, Quit, options, MODS, Start own server, controls et.c. But everytime i click "Join Game" the game freezes, I open taskmanager and it says Xfire Exception (running) but Cod4 (Not Responding). So I tried it without Xfire and other applications open like Teamspeak, my Music, Msn, internet, but I still get this problem everytime.

I updated Punkbuster so it is not that, I am not sure what is wrong.

I don't want 2 reinstall and loose all of my unlocks and rank.

I am very annoyed with this because it means and i can NOT even look for cod4 servers :(

Can anyone help me with these?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. does cod4 have some kind of 'safe mode' you can try running like flight simulator? My guess is no, but if it does, try that. You may have little choice in reinstalling, but I'm sure the developers took this into consideration and that there's some way to protect your progress.
  2. Hey there is a solution for this create another profile then start the profile that you made then exit the game
    then download the lvl 55 hack then open the hack slecte the profile click go then start game make sure that the hack is still open then change the cd key to your one then play on a server then exit now close the hack and your done :D
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