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I recently purchased the "Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse" aswell as the game "Crysis".
With my previous mouse, to change 'Suit Mode' in Crysis i had to press the middle mouse buton (The Wheel).
And then drag to the appropriate suit type.
The mouse i have just purchased changes scroll mode from Hyperfast scroling to Precision scrolling when the mouse wheel is pressed.
Does anybody know how i can reconfigure Crysis, or the mouse itself, to make it so whilst playing the game, i am able to use the middle mouse wheel to change suit type instead of it changing scroll modes.
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  1. Just use the v key. Much easier. I could never get it to stay open for me to choose which ability I wanted and I am using an old(but still awesome) Logitech MX1000(thier first an probably best laser wireless mouse).
  2. i got the logitec g5 its AMAZING you should get it to
  3. You go to the setpoint software and go to the middle button part. Then you go to Other and select middle button. I had that problem and this fixed it.
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