new 360 pro plus games, accessories, etc...for sale or trade

I bought this 360 Pro at the end of August this past year with a one year warranty from EBgames (now gamestop). The Pro includes a system with a 20gb HD, wireless controller, online headset and hd-component cables. My 360 is also one of the newer ones with an HDMI input (which is sweet). it's still in perfect condition and i've never had any problems what so ever (no red ring ever). Also, you'll get the warranty which will be insurance just incase something happens to the'll get a brand new one for free with the warranty from gamestop.

Here's a list of other items i have that are for sale:
-extra microsoft wireless controller
-wired gamestop controller
-official Memory card
-Datel Xchange 360 which allows you to transport info and game saves from your computer to your 360
-2 Nyko reCharagble batteries with plug-in charger

-College hoops 2k7
-Mlb 2k7
-Tiger woods 08
-Call of Duty 4
-Call of Duty 2
-Splinter cell DA
-Dance, Dance Revolution Universe (with pad)
-Madden 08
-RCA/Optical Dongle (comes with official HDMI cable and in 360 elite packages)

I'm looking to sell all of this to purchase a ps3 because of a new baseball game that's only coming out on that console (crazy, i know). i love the 360 and hate to see it go...but passion is passion.

i'd love a straight trade for a ps3 40gb for the 360 PRO and the warranty and am willing to hear offers for trades and also offers for the games and accessories. email me
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  1. do u have a falcon?
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