Help needed for TDU cornering plz!

Hi there,

I am playing Test Drive Unlimted on PC platform using an X-box controller with mapping very close to the actual console game.

I love the game a lot and love to just take a random drive in the island of ... (sorry I can't remember the name). Need not to say, I need to win the games in order to earn enough $$ to buy better cars.

My question is very simple: how do you do cornering in TDU? TDU is really my first racing game and more often than not, I lose control of the car and crash onto the structures nearby. Or I brake so hard so early so much as that I also lose the race.

So far, all I can do is ... (1) release the gas, (2) brake the car to 40-50mph, (3) make the turn (sometime I need to brake while turning and at times lose control of the car), (4) step on the gas.

Is that the recommended approach? Please enlighten me. Many thanks.
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  1. Just like with a manual transmission car, and the feathering action between the gas and the clutch, try a similar action while cornering between the brake and the gas. I find slowly transitioning from brake to gas at the same time while cornering really helps.
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