a cod4 problem


My problem is that when playing cod4 every couple of seconds I get this strange kinda lag, like a stutter, but my framerate stays between 50 and 60.

What I have tried:

Changing graphical options in the game,
Re-installed the game,
Tried running the game on 1 and 2 cores of the cpu,
Tried running the game without patch, with 1.4 and 1.5 patch,
Changed the scaling at the nvidia control panel.

My pc:

Motherboard = P35-DS3R
CPU = E6850
VGA = Asus 8800 GTS 512
HDD = 2x Samsung T166 320gb on raid0
RAM = Crucial Ballistix pc5300 4x1gb
Monitor = Samsung 226bw
Voeding = CM Real Power 520 watt

Directx = november 2007
Forceware = 169.21

Anyone an idea ?
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  1. oh yeah,
    Forceware manage 3d settings are:
    Anisotropic filtering = 16x
    Antialiasing gamma correction = off
    Antialiasing mode = application controlled
    Antialiasing setting = off
    Antialiasing transparency = off
    Conformant texture clamp = use hardware
    Error reporting = off
    Extension limit = off
    Force mipmaps = trilinear
    Multi display = single display
    Stereo display = use vertical interlace
    Texture filtering anisotropic = off
    Texture filtering negative lod bias = clamp
    Texture filtering quality = high quality
    Texture filering trilinear optimization = off
    Threaded optimization = auto
    Triple buffering = on
    Vertical sync = use 3d application setting
  2. It could just be lag. Does this happen in multiplayer or singleplayer or both? If only in multiplayer, it's probably just lag... so a better connection to the server could fix that. If both, download Sysinternal's Process Explorer ( http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx ), run it, play a game. While in the game, alt-tab out and check the Process Explorer. Check for anything besides COD taking up large amount of CPU time.
  3. I have this in single and multiplayer.
    When I am playing, my cpu is not using 100% of its capacity, could it still be a program that uses like 10% of the capacity or must it be something else ?
  4. I've seen hardware interrupts keep one CPU core at 70-100% use, which causes intermittent stuttering with generally high FPS. It could end up begin a driver thing.
  5. A common problem many seem to have (including myself) Although yours seems different because it isnt constant. Punkbuster (apparently not on all systems, but a good portion) even though they have refused to admit it, and will tell you its not their product, yet it un deniably is. Anyway to the point, punkbuster runs all the time regardless of whether your in game or not. There appears to be a severe memory leak associated with PB. Its not noticable in a desktop environment (unless you look at your PF usage), but once you game (anything that uses PB in my case) the problem inflates 10 fold. after 1 or 2 games of COD4 mp, my game performance takes a nose dive into a slide show. upon an alt tab, the low virtual memory warnings are rampant. Even worse, this pb issue spills into other network services causing them to increase pf usage. I have solved it by ending the punkbuster process whenever I am not playing an online game that requires it. Ending the process free's up the gigabytes of memory it was using. Starting it fresh every time I play a game, has fixed it for the most part, as this problem is only noticable after pb has been running for a period of time, I am sure if I gamed COD4 5 hours strait or sumthin it would rear its ugly head again.
  6. Hi i have just read ur thread with interest ... as i had the same problem as u ... i got the same mobo as u ... a 8800gt .. and a E8400 . .. same hd .. an 2 Gig of mem ... and a hiper X 600 power supply ....

    What i found works is if u go into Run ... type msconfig ... click on services ... and disable punkbsta .. and auto updates .... this seems to have stopped the stuttering 4 me .. p.s make sure u have the latest mobo drivers as well as grapics drivers .. i hope dis helps .
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