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What's the best Star Trek game, for detailed ship-to-ship combat? I'm looking for something that gives alot of control and options in controlling one ship, or maybe a small number of ships, as opposed to anything like Starcraft, Command And Conquer etc. Preferably something that allows design or at least some customisation for your ships, and maybe like power management and repairs etc. within a battle.
Is there anything like that available? I've looked at a few ST games but have never played any (that I can remember, anyway). I heard Legacy is supposed to be fairly bad, but if it matches what I'm looking for I may try it anyway. Newer and with decent graphics is preferable, but if I have to go with something a little older to get a good game then that's OK.
And finally, I'd prefer something from the ST universe, but if anyone knows of other games that fit what I'm asking for, go ahead and recommend it.
Thanks :)
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  1. The best games in my opinion, although also fatally flawed, are the Starfleet Command series. They offer a lot of micromanagement compared to the other games like Legacy. Legacy's only controls were front, back, left, right, phasers and torpedoes. That was basically it. I played it for about a week and then dropped it.
  2. Starfleet Command is defanatly what your looking for. Look for the second one, or the Orion Pirates, avoid #3 at all costs. Its based off an old tabletop game, and offers an almost overwhelming level of control over your ship. You can also command a fleet of up to 3 ships. There is a MMO aspect as well, but I dont know if any servers are still goin. Beware that there is a long learning curve with this game, but once you get the hang of it, its a blast. I bought the first one days after release and played OP for like 3 years.

    Another fun game is Bridge Commander. It has a more limited ship selection, and offers less micromanagement. There are mods available however that add many ships and advanced power controls. You can run the ship by issuing orders, or there is a third person tactical mode where you fly your ship manualy.
  3. Cool, I'll try the Starfleet Command games then. Thanks guys
  4. There's another game out there: "Starships Unlimited". It's an indie game, so dont expect great graphics, but it has an amazing gameplay. I've had it installed for years now and i still play it once in a while.

    You can find it on
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