My computer wasn't booting into windows do to the fact that my third OS (ubuntu) was just deleted, and GRUB was left there.
After several hours of trial and error, it seemed that the repair disk command 'bootsect /nt60 C: /mbr' got rid of GRUB.
The only downside, is that of my two remaining OSes, Vista will boot, but not Win7.
It doesn't seem to be able to find the .ini file, although it comes up as a choice on the menu and is visible in 'msconfig'

If i try to boot into Win7 it gives an error message saying to insert the windows disk and do a start up repair (which i've done several).

I've just about tried everything that i can think of to get Win7 to start working again. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  1. Windows 7 doesn't use the boot.ini. It uses the BCD.
  2. 'bootrec.exe /fixboot' command displays the message 'Element not found.'
  3. Try using bootrec /rebuildbcd
  4. same error
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  6. now, when i go into Repair,
    both OSes are listed.

    I go to into command prompt, type in the 'bootrec /Fixmbr' then '/fixboot' and lastly '/rebuildBcd'.
    After that, it just says:
    'Successfully scanned Windows installations.
    Total identified Windows installations: 0
    The Operation completed successfully'

    @ least before it found the OSes, now it doesn't seem to find anything
  7. Did you run the bootrec /scanos command? That should search for installations.
  8. strange, i got it to work...
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  10. Good deal. Did you have to do something not listed in that article?
  11. i just had to play w/ the disk numbers...
    the article wasn't to helpful on that account
  12. Gotcha....Thanks for the update.
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