Asus 9600gso $29.95 at Newegg

Asus GeForce 9600 GSO 384MB PCIe Card + Call of Duty: World at War on sale at Newegg for $29.95 with $20 rebate and Newegg Coupon code: VGASALE10

This is a good deal for anyone looking for a mid-power graphics card on the cheap.
This is the good 9600gso with 96 stream processors and 192-bit buss not the crippled version with 48 SP's.-Vic

The game alone is worth this if your into shooters!
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  1. Thank you sir i might actually pick that baby up...been looking for COD...
  2. Out of stock by the time I checked.
  3. i got 5 of these... it kinda runs hot but after replace the thermal grease, down 10c.g
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