Consoles, becoming PC's?

This isnt a pc vs console flamefest, more of an observation. In my opinion console gaming is going to meet or exceed the price of PC gaming at some point. Already consoles have upgrade options that shoot up the cost. Its only a matter of time, until consoles just become PC's you hook up to your TV. I just built a new PC for 800

I dont have crysis so its a moot point, but everything new I have gotten so far, plays on max settings + (1024x1280 res native monitor res) without a hitch. In my opinion it looks better than what I have seen from the consoles. I intend on getting a PS3 for blu ray and the occational game I want thats unavailable on PC. Anyhoo, I think its only a matter of time before a console buyer is given options on the core hardware i.e. video display hardware and not just storage/web stuff. Of course the wii is not applied on this since Nintendo has decided to stay true as being a CONSOLE. xbox and ps are just evolving into a computer. Im pretty confident the next generation following this one we will see far more similarities to PC's (in cost and upgradeability). The issue with PC cost to console has been the fact that game makers have always pushed the envelope for PC hardware since it is constantly advancing and released whereas console games are designed for the same hardware over the course of its lifespan, but I believe this will change.

Anyway agree disagree?
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  1. I agree somewhat. The fact that PC game devs. are always pushing the envelope is certainly true. I always love it when they find ways to increase graphical quality and maintaining or even increasing performance. (Call of Duty 4 was a great example - Pretty much anyone can play it. Same with HL2)

    Consoles already are PC's. They're just pre-packaged and made for one specific purpose: gaming. That is now becoming more broad, however, with multimedia capabilities being integrated. (Even more PC-like) There is also the HD-DVD player add-on for Xbox 360, and a soon-to-be Blu-ray add-on since Toshiba just ended HD-DVD production.
  2. one is all, and all is one, will probably end up being the situation - EVENTUALLY.... i suspect that PC's will stop being possible to define as seperate things, and will stop being available as seperate parts that we can put together, and i suspect, that mega companies will each have their own "brand" of complete system, with its own games, OS, hardware, and all of this proprietry (not so sure about games tho....)
  3. If console becomes PC, it defeats the purpose of having a specialized device for entertainment purposes.

    Seriously, I don't know what you guys use your PC for. Besides playing PC games, I use it to open Excel files, create formulas within; I use it to create and review PowerPoint slides; I use it to record and edit multiple music tracks for my band; I use it to edit video clips and make MTV-like videos; I use it as a mega storage for more than just entertainment purposes; And I used to program web applications with my PC as well.

    Do you see a console to do all of the above and more? I don't. PC is a lot more than a console and consoles are exactly where they should be: a specialised machine for entertainment purposes.
  4. I bwlive the start of this was that consoles are minicomputers for gaming only, and it's only a matter of time till they blur the lines between PC's and consoles(for GAMING)
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