Gran Turismo for PC ?

I know it only for PS3.

I just wonder is there have PC Game for Gran Turismo 5 this year? I can't find one. If not then which racing car game is best you think reccommend?
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  1. Obviously there won't be a Gran Turismo for the PC. But I suppose it depends on what type of racing game you like.

    If you like the Arcade type games then Need for Speed are always pretty good however my personal fave is Test Drive Unlimited especially when you unlock hardcore mode the handling becomes more realistic.

    If you like sims I still think GTR2 is the best especially with TrackIR installed. By the way TrackIR is supported in Test Drive Unlimited as well.
  2. Gran Turismo will never be available for pc, playing the game with the keyboard would ruin it (yes, i know you can get controllers for pc's).

    And its developed by polyphony digital, which is like, sony's wife? or something? so it will be for sony platforms only im afraid, still its an awsome racing game.
  3. Damn it, I wish it should have look good on PC. Acutally really it for my little brother crazy love over any car racing game either on street or World Rally Car but not racing track like F1. Also he got his favourite on Grand Auto Theft game and Black Monday. That why he ask me question about GT.

    Anyway Cheer thank for info.
  4. For PC;

    Race: The WTCC game
    Need for Speed
    Colin McCrae Dirt.

    Check out some reviews to decide which best suits your brother's personal tastes. And use a gamepad (I like the Microsoft 360 controller) or a wheel (I've got Logitech Force Feedback one that only cost £40 but is excellent). Racing with a keyboard is naff and frustrating.
  5. Oh, and Test Drive Unlimited, which I've been playing recently. Good fun, and a bit different (you can just go for a cruise if you fancy).

    Think I've seen kkk1 around!
  6. kkkk1 even!
  7. Need For Speed Shift is one that you should try out pretty much the same theme as Grand Turismo, and it's on PC :)
  8. ^ You do realise that you are replying to a thread that is nearly two years old?
  9. That's no problem, I think I need MIDTOWN MADNESS and NEED FOR SPEED
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