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I am looking into antivirus programs, and three that I like the look of are Avast, MSE, and Avira. All three offer a real-time shield/protection/whatever you want to call it. However, I am worried that their shields might not be compatible with each other. What's the deal here? If they aren't compatible, which should I use? Thanks for the advice.
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  1. You don't want to run them together. You should pick one. They are all free, so you can see which one you like the best, and go with it. They all offer good protection. Personally, my top two recommendations are Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. They both offer great protection. Just try both and see which you like the best.
  2. I've tried both, but which would you say is more effective in detecting and blocking?
  3. Current choice is MSE. Any advice?
  4. lee3821 said:
    Current choice is MSE. Any advice?

    I'd go with MSE. I've tried several AV suites over the years, from Norton to AVG to Trend, and MSE is the friendliest, most painless experience I have ever had.
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    lee3821 said:
    Current choice is MSE. Any advice?

    If you like the look and feel of it, go with it. It provides outstanding protection.
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