VIA P4M266 / P4X266 With 533mhz FSB???

I own a Shuttle MV42N with the Via P4M266 Chipset, on the motherboard, it has a jumper setting for CPU Frequency - 100mhz or 133mhz, would this let me use a P4 with 533mhz FSB? Both VIA's and Shuttle's specs pages say it only supports 400mhz FSB, why include the jumpers? The jumpers seem to work - i set them to 533mhz on My 1.7 Celeron, the computer started but nothing showed up on the screen meaning the jumpers are active.
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  1. I suggest you post your question in via's forum. Chances are, if your board is several months old, it won't work. I just tried my 2.4b in a similar via board yesterday (p4sxa I beleive) and it would post at 100 or 110, but no higher. I'm donating it to goodwill. The 133 fsb jumper may be non-functional. I looked for a bios upgrade to support 533 fsb, but via never came out with one. Check for a bios update for your model board on shuttle's website. It should list the 533 support if available.
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