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  1. Cool interview with Valve. :bounce: Yeah I can't wait for Half Life 2 Episode III, but they can't really rush things.
    Thank you Rob Rob Wright for interviewing Doug Lombari. At least I know what is going on.
  2. The Force Unleashed
    As "just" a PC owner i was angry (and still am) about missing out on that upcoming title but as it seems now i won't be missing much it seems.
    At first they wouldn't release it to the PC because it was weak in performance then they release it on PS2 and Wii?
    They don't care about graphics or memory and stuff...
    Is it just me or does alot of statements/interviews about that tilte make no sense?
  3. I agree with no PC version being really stupid. If they are taking the time to put it out for PS2, 3, 360, and wii, why not port it to PC as well? I am also a little confused by the comment that:

    "LucasArts said the Wii version of the Force Unleashed (along with the PlayStation 2 version) will boast extra content such as additional levels and planets."

    What's with this? So PS2 users get more content than PS3 users? That's crap. Consoles are becoming less and less attractive to me all the time. I own a 360 and I probably haven't even picked up the controller in at least 6 months. Yes there are more high end games for consoles and many that don't get put onto PC, but it seems like the really high quality ones are always for PC. The games that aren't made for PC usually end up sucking anyways.
  4. "Episode Two was longer than Episode One by a few hours."

    Anyone else lol when they keep saying that.. I can't remember exactly how much time I spent on each, but I remember playing through episode 2 in way less time.. that being said, I do await episode 3!! Hopefully it's another longer episode..
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