xfire :O

well I have xfire and i play alot of css (counter strike source) for all those who dont know so if you play css add me to xfire :) my account name is: koltunski
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  1. Steam has its own community tooling. If you're a CSS player then you're bound to find your gaming friends there. I recommend you use that.
  2. for some reason I'm in the mood for McDonald's
  3. KFC please
  4. Red Stripe?
  5. why am i here?
  6. exfileme said:
    for some reason I'm in the mood for McDonald's

    Anonymous said:
    KFC please

    yeah, there is something wrong with the both of you.... that's just disgusting... I've never eaten mcdonalds or kfc without getting violently ill except for that one time i had the stomach flu... and who knows.. i was already sick... haha! well, mc'd's "chicken" nuggets are mildly interesting... speaking of which.... are they open at 4 am? i haven't had those since i was in 6th grade, i kinda feel like going down there and re-discovering why I stopped eating there. :-p
  7. WTF?????????!!
  8. your having a chuckle mate, KFC is the bomb.
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