Help! Need New Mouse & Keyboard

A friend of mine ask me to help him built a new computer. Everything almost done.
He needs a mouse & keyboard. I was thinking of getting him a simple one or give him my set.

You probably think I'm crazy but I do currently have g15 keyboard and a g9 mouse.
I'm a keyboard & mouse freak to finding the perfect fit and gizmo.

I was looking at:

-Razer Deathadder (I tried the razer lancices of w/e its call. Horrible mouse. Wasn't for me.)
-Ideazon Merc Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard (I tried the razer keyboard, it didn't fit me/lack a few feature)
-Ideazon Reaper Edge (The g9 currently is a bit small for my hand. The g5 and g7 was a nice design and fit)

Now for the Merc Stealth keyboard, I've NEVER use the butterfly key before. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING FOR?
I assume some gamer knows what it is.

Does anybody else has any other recommendation?

I've read on the Divo Logictech keyboard and MxRevolution. There seem to be the issue with recharging the item and lack of gaming support with these two.
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  1. The Logitech G15 is supposed to be really good, it has back lit lights and lcd display for ventrilo and others. As for mouse, maybe the second series Diamondback razer. Also stay away from wireless mice for gaming, they're more hassle than they're worth usually.
  2. i've got a razor copperhead and havnt looked back sine. tryed a few of the Gseries from logitech and didnt mesh with them at all. i am using a £2.00 keyboard though so i may not be the best person to make recomendations. still the piece of crap serves me well.
  3. I have the Logitech MX Revolution Mouse, coupled with a simple Logitech Meda Keyboard Elite. I'd say both are of excellent quality.

    The keyboard has some very useful extra keys, such as the typical media keys (play, stop, next etc.) and has a good tactile feel to each keystroke.

    The mouse is by far and away the best mouse I have ever used. Being a laser mouse you can use it on practically ANY surface as long as it's flat. Hell, it even works on my head! :) The main mouse wheel changes it's tactile feel depending upon context - when you have much scrolling to do as in a large document it free wheels (being made of dense metal it keeps spinning for a while if you so wish due to inertia) or introduces the usual 'click' feel of most mouse wheels where appropriate.
    In addition it has a thumbwheel that can be used with Vista's new Aero version of alt+tab. Very slick and useful for dealing with many open windows and dialog boxes quickly.
    Range on the wireless is excellent and I've never experienced any problems with battery life and/or charging the unit. Battery lasts for days even with several hours of intense gaming thrown in.

    Mouse is fairly expensive (~£50) but consider this - I believe that you should invest in decent HIDs (Human Interface Devices) since they are technically the most used component of your PC.

    The keyboard is surprisingly cheap (~£15).
  4. I'm a Logitech guy - running the G5 mouse right now (I have big paws and love it) and the G11 keyboard, which is the G15 without the largely useless LCD display. Gonna keep those for a while...

    You might want to sepcify what your buddy does with the machine - that might help us tailor responses. My G11 is great for macros in WoW, but doesn't bring much to an FPS party, for example.
  5. I like the G5 mouse, a friend just recently bought it and is very happy with it.
    If your willing to spend a little on a keyboard the razor tarantula looks really nice
    Though for a lower budget the Saitek Eclipse keyboard also looks sweet
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  7. +1 for the G5.
    Its the only gaming mouse i have owned and i have never needed anything over what it offers. In my opinion the £30 price point is bang on perfect, any more than that and you are paying for features that you can do without.

    Keyboard....G15 for pretty much the same reasons as above. The way it interfaces with certain games is very impressive as well.
  8. I love my G15, couldn't live without the macro keys for both work and play. As for the mouse, AVOID wireless mice for gaming. I tried switching to Logitech's G7 for about 3months but started killing the occasional guildy in raids when I suddenly needed to swap out batteries at "inoppurtune moments". I went back to my MX518 and never looked back.

    The Saitek Eclipse is great as a keyboard, I got one when I drowned my G15 in rum/coke but it came back (after a dip in a tub and 2weeks to dry out) and my Eclipse is now shelved as another spare. It's keys have a much more solid, tactile feel to them, the Eclipse also takes up significantly less deskspace. Of course, it's not a "gaming" keyboard and if you've become spoiled by the macro keys on your G15 you're gonna miss them.

    IMO: I'd stick with what you've got, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  9. for a keyboard I would join and recommend a cheap logitech, I'm using media 600 or something like that and i like the feedback they give, they also have volume wheel on them, shortcut buttons and media buttons.
    also a +1 on the G5 but first check if it's design matches you, I didn't and had to adapt to it (kinda awkward w/ the thumb at the beginning)
  10. +1 for the mouse ever made..
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