WOW thread, cant get any answers, please help!!

i just installed wow and im trying to use wowscape, whenever i go to log on it gives me this error. "Cant authorize game disc, this may be caused by a corrupted file." I can't even apply any patches it says i must have an updated version, i have 1.1.2.x and cant find any update that lets me play. Please help i cant find any answers!!!!!1

sry for posting in wrong section :ange:
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  1. Tried reinstalling? Your install might have gone a bit wonky, resulting in a corrputed file.
  2. wowscape runs on 2.3.x, x being 2.3.0, 2.3.2, or 2.3.3 but mage talents get all screwy above 2.3.2, I suggest updating to 2.3.0.

    And why don't you post in the wowscape forums? (do a search first.. this is asked like everyday).
  3. game DISK? all u need is teh install key... you could just download it, can't you?
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