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problems with cod4

Last response: in Video Games
February 24, 2008 4:23:27 AM

i dont know if this has been asked before but

after a while while playing cod 4 my comp it just shuts down by itself

i dont think its overheatin cuz my gpu only gets to like 80 my cpu gets to 40 and my mobo only 60-62

my comp specs are amd 6400+ black edition 3.2ghz, bfg tech oced 8800 ultra, buffalo firestixs 4gbs, asus crosshair nforce 590, 550W PSU

got watercooling in the case got a raiditor in the front with 2x 120mm fans also a fan on top of the case and one in the back

and with ne other game i run it never shuts down like WoW, crysis for example

so plz anyone that can help me out i have no idea wat is the problem

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February 24, 2008 11:39:54 AM

I'm running a vaguely similar system:-

Intel C2D e6230 @ 3.0GHz
4GB DDR2-800
NV 8800GTX
550W PSU
And yes Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition (Never understand why people slate it so much - I've had absolutely no major problems with it and it's a joy to use) What OS do you use?

I've never had any major problems with CoD 4 myself (apart from when using my Medusa 5.1 phones they very occasionally seem to randomly lose power, volume and 'richness' of sound drops until i restart the game) and I've spent over 2 days solid on that game.

Since you say you don't have any problems with other games I think it's fair to say that it's purely a software problem. In that case you need to ensure:

You have all of the correct and latest drivers for your hardware

Have patched CoD 4 to it's latest version (1.5 I believe)

Apart from that I would really know what else to suggest apart from a bad install of the game perhaps.
Very important note - I've heard that if you don't backup your online profile information when you do a reinstall you'll lose everything you've worked so hard for while playing online (Rank, weapons, perks etc.) So make sure to backup!