How do you like your RPGs?

How do you like your RPGs? Select all the options that you feel make up a good one. Only select the options that you really care about.
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  1. That is strange... why can't I get the poll to not be closed?
  2. Must say i love MMORPGS, Oblivion etc is amazing but i hate getting gear and not having anyone to share it with! so my vote i guess would be for a PC MMORPG!
  3. hmm i dont agree with any of the above, i think something that makes you feel like you can roam free yet always points you in the right direction (think FF7) yet has to have a not to complicated level up system (i recently picked up NWN2 and the level up system has far too much in it for my tastes, i dont want to read 30 different abilities for each char before deciding what to level) i dont like MMORPGS so i guess i want

    wide open spaces to explore, with a clear direction of where i should go, with fairly limited char level system(give me points to place but keep it simple like the one in Diablo2), i prefer a third person view point with direct control of the character using wasd keys, and a turn based fight system implemented like the one in FF12. And of course im not bothered about PC or Console if its a good game.
  4. I like mine open ended with the possibility for users to add content created by other players.

    Morrowind comes to mind when I think of a great RPG. Oblivion was nice, but it kinda felt dumbed down for my taste. Then again Morrowind wasn't exactly perfect either.

    I haven't played The Witcher yet since I'm waiting for version 2.0 to be released. Summer time I think.

    I prefer PC over console.
  5. I'm never been much of an rpg guy, but two of my favorite games are Phantasy Star IV and Chronor Trigger, never really liked Final Fantasy series (although FFVII was awesome), I do prefer pc games such as Oblivion of pc, well pc gaming in general. I do also like Guild Wars (played like 2500 hours since it came out, but haven't played in months) and WoW ain't bad if you know ppl in it (other zombies trapped in the world..).
  6. On a console
    On a PC
    Open and explorable world with appropriate plot points
    Pre scripted main character
    Main character who is defined by your actions
    Licensed IP
    New and unique IP
    Action oriented with direct control

    For me I really like big open ended game play, like Morrowind or Oblivion.

    When I started playing Morrowind the game was a bit big and kind of intimidating but I loved the absolute freedom that the open enviroment provided including things like trying to take on a whole city by yourself (not smart at lv1 :ouch: ) or even braking into some shack and stealing a broom or some dishes (not valuble and maybe a waste of effort but an example of being able to do just about anything.)
  7. Gothic and Gothic 2 are my templates for a successful RPG experience.

    It's that developers can't plan for everything a player might try, but they do a pretty good job of making the world as open as possible.
  8. RPGs are so much better on the PC I find. ES: Oblivion is great example where the PC version blew everyone away whereas the console versions got critizised a lot. Years ago, I was a Final Fantasy fan (Squal rocked back then) but then it hit the consoles and lost its magic. The combat system also got a little repetitive.

    So an open world to explore with cutting edge graphics and an awesome storyline is what constitutes a great RPG. Mass Effect fans would probably say otherwise as it is currently only available on consoles...but then again, it will be so much better on the PC.
  9. I dunno, I like micro-managment of lots of stats, a huge gameworld with lots of hidden goodies and a decent storyline. I enjoyed Morrowind more than Oblivion despite the latter's eye candy. I also dig on modding - both making and playing, so I'm a PC guy.

    I also really liked Lineage II, 'till the farmers/botters/account sellers trashed it. I tried WoW but it seemed like PlaySkool by comparison.
  10. Chazwuzzer said:
    I dunno, I like micro-managment of lots of stats, a huge gameworld with lots of hidden goodies and a decent storyline. I enjoyed Morrowind more than Oblivion despite the latter's eye candy.

    I agree I don't know why but there is somthing about Morrowind that I liked better then Oblivion, but both are still good games
  11. Puzzles.

    Seems like RPG these days though advanced in graphics lacks in the puzzle factor.

    I still like the good old Eye of the Beholder. There is no mini-maps so you will need to memorize the place like your neigbourhood. And I remember some "tiles" when you step onto may "magically" disorientates you and you will keep heading to the wrong direction.

    Or hidden doors and traps ... just wonderful.

    RPG these days don't seem to have all these wonders that enhance gameplay. The graphics are a lot better though.
  12. Eye of the Beholder 2 is a classic. :)
    By the way, EoB was remade for NWN 1. I haven't tried it, though
  13. If you like Oblivion you'll love the Witcher, but wait until Witcher version 2.0 comes out.
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