UltraSharp 2408WFP 24-inch Widescreen $449

This is the best price I have seen on this legendary, award-winning monitor. Recently it was listed for $650. Two months ago I purchased the Dell 2209WA monitor with eISP panel - on sale for $210. I am extremely happy with it but would have waited for the this one had I known the price would get this low this quickly. Of special note - it has the M-PVA panel and a host of connectors.

Manufacturer's info

At a Glance

24-Inch WUXGA 1920 x 1200 Display – View approximately 30%1 more on-screen content compared to Dell 20-inch monitor.
6 Millisecond Response Time (typical) – Reduces ghosting and imaging associated with movement for fluid motion.
3000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio – Get dark blacks, sharp images, crisp text, brilliant color saturation and greater life-like detail.
110%2 Color Gamut (CIE 1976) - With Dell TrueColor Technology, you’ll see more color than average monitor of 72% color gamut.
Full HD 1080p – Supports higher definition than HD television and a wide array of HD connection options like HDMI, Display Port, DVI-D with HDCP and HDMI 2.1 Audio Out.

The 24-inch display gives you the space you need to visualize your entire creation. With about 30% more on-screen real estate than a Dell 20-inch wide screen monitor display, you can view two complete pages side-by-side and edit text without toggling or squinting. Get amazing 1920 x 1200 resolution for stunning detail, fast 6 millisecond (grey to grey) response time for fluid motion, and high 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

My note: I just posted another Dell monitor on sale that I found on When I went to the Dell site to grab a link to post for that one I decided to look at other monitors and discovered this great sale. If I sound like a Dell fan - I am on monitors. My last - before the 2209WA - was the Ultrasharp 1703FP - also with a VA panel like this one, that gave me 5 years of great service before I decided to upgrade to a larger size.
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  1. Ummm... is that supposed to be a good deal?
    I've seen 24" monitors for under $200
  2. This is a very good monitor, with 110% color gamut (comparable to an IPS monitor). however for $449 it is NOT a deal. Usually you can find it new on online shops for around $350-$370.
  3. Dark - can you show me a 24" monitor for undee $200 that does not have the cheap TN panels?

    AsAnAtheist - I would love to see a link to the lower price offerings. I might buy one.

    Today's price at Dell is $549.
  4. They're local prices, further research proved this. :/ If you live in Texas, you can craigslist them. My friend picked up a couple, $359.99+tax each from a small business (Craigslist). New and sealed of course. He called Dell to confirm that it was still in warranty and all (3 years each, starting from purchase date). Don't always have to go retail to get warranty/new :P

    Also you can check Ebay out as well, many of them will guarantee or prove Dell's warranty to be good and running for 3 years. If they lie, you have paypal protecting your $ anyways.
  5. eBay does seem to be a good option offering substantial savings for a little added risk. Years ago I bought a new Dell E8400 computer on eBay at substantial savings that came with the full Dell Warranty - short a couple of months - but it was a great deal and gave me years of faithful service. Just make sure you select a reputable seller. Thanks AsAnAtheist.
  6. Its a bit expensive.
  7. Perhaps you mean it is not a inexpensive as the monitors with the cheaper and lower quality TN panels.

    In addition to the better panel, which improves color and clarity and provides a much wider viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically, they are just better constructed - even the stands - which let you easily tilt, turn, and raise and lower the monitor and which are made out of strong metal with solid bases. Then there is the NO dead pixels warranty which they stand behind, unlike others that require up to 10 dead pixels in a short warranty period before replacement. They are all around better monitors - with one unfortuante exception. The have lower response times that makes them not quite as good in that respect for gaming because of some ghosting.
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