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I have my pc hooked up to my monitor(gateway fhd 2400), and I also have my xbox 360 hooked up to my monitor with the red blue and green componet cables. I am not sure how I get get sound from the pc speakers? I knw that the 360 has an optical input on the cable, but I have no where to plug it in. My monitor does not have the red and white audio jacks on it. I do have a spare hdmi port on the back of the monitor not being used, but I have the original 360 without the hdmi hookup. Need help. Suggetions most appreciated.
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  1. The rbg components are just for video, you won't get any sound through them. HDMI wouldn't work anyway unless your monitor has speakers built in. The optical out on the 360 would plug into an optical port on your sound card if you have one.

    You might be able to use USB speakers on the 360 to get your sound but I've no idea if they're compatible.
  2. Well thanks anyway Promac, I will just have to figure something else out. My sound card is the Sound Blaster X-Fi audio card. It doesn't have any optical ports, just a big vga like plug, and then the typical pink, blue, green, black plug in. Anybody else got any ideas?
  3. Hmm, what type of X-Fi? Mine has a mic port that functions as an optical port as well. (Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Gamer 7.1)
  4. Hey; sounds like a good setup. I am looking at doing a similar setup... For the sound; if your monitor DOES have speakers, they likely have two mono-standard 3.5mm headphone jacks (one for each channel). If you wish to use these; just get an RCA-3.5mm converter for the red/white jacks coming out of the XBOX (one for each cable), and plug them seperatelly into the monitor. If you wish to plug them into your sound card; that is a different animal... I am sure you can rig something out with the line-in port on your sound card by using a converting plug that converts the two RCA Red/White jacks into a single, stereo headphone jack. This would provide the line-level input into the card you need, and them allow playback over the speakers. Depends on the drivers that come with the card, I have never tried this, but it will be interesting.

    The monitor I am looking at buying is one of the new Samsung 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor (2493HM).


    Best Regards,

  5. Thanks for the info. dg6464, but I think I got a game plan now. Found this on the net earlier. I think it fix me right up.

  6. Hi.

    I got the lead to link up my xbox 360 through my monitor which i done.

    I then attempted to play the sound through my stereo speakers by plugging the red & white points into the Aux In point. The sound won't work properly. I can hear some sound but not others. For example on PES 2008 i can hear the music but can't hear commentary in the game.

    Any ideas what happening? Is it just my stereo?
  7. Hey dude I got mine to work. For mine to work, I bought a red/white rca jack with male ends, and 2 double female end connectors, then I plugged my red/white xbox cables into the female ends, and then the connector I bought from radio shack. The plug I bought from radio shack, has male ends, and the other end is a small headphone size jack, like on some earbuds or something. Then I plug them into the front of my pc into the headphone jack, and I got sound. The only thing that is wierd is, if I pllug it in all the way, I have no sound. but if I plug it in halfway it works. Go figure. But I ain't complaining, it works. I bought this for approx. 8 bucks. Go to your local radio shack they got what you need. Hope this helps.
  8. I had the same problem. I have a 22 inch monitor without speakers. Use an old stereo system if you have one laying around. I went into my garage and found an old, dusty stereo system. I plugged the xbox cables into the back, and then plugged some spare computer speakers into the headset jack on the stereo. Not all ports in the back worked properly, some only played select sounds, some were quieter than others also. For the person who only had only a few sounds come from the aux channel, try plugging the cables into a different port.
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