GDC 08: A Tribes Sequel? Sort Of

Article by Rob Wright

The popular PC game series Tribes is getting a new title - sort of. GarageGames is set to launch to Fallen Empire: Legions, the spiritual successor to Tribes, for its new InstantAction platform. Get your jetpacks ready.
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  1. Although I never really got into Tribes, it was a pretty awesome game (my slow internet connection made shooters really bad).
  2. looking forward to this title.. Not looking forward to a steam like app. Fcuk STEAM!
  3. I was a heavy user of Tribes 1 and to a certain extent, Tribes 2. I ran a Tribes 1 server for almost a year really enjoyed the game. I hated what happened to the franchise when Vivende got control and was glad to see Garage Games retained the Torque engine rights.

    Now, to see this new "Cousin" makes me a little happy. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Well, I'm looking forward to it. Tribes was my second real foray into online combat (the first being the immortal Interstate '76).
  6. I agree F@#* steam. Steam is a joke.
    I loved tribes, however tribes 2 sucked. Hope this is more like the orginal.
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