SOLD: EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 55nm - Brand New - $140!


Last week I bought this EVGA GTX 260 from the Dell Small Business site (my 2nd one, got my first from Newegg last month). This past weekend I went to build my i7 rig and noticed that the EVGA 260 from Newegg was the SSC version and the 260 from Dell was not. The clock rates are only about 10% different so the non-SSC card is still a screamer. HOWEVER, I need to SLI the two together, so I'm just going to buy another SSC version from the Egg.

SO, I have the non-SSC 260 to sell. I cut the UPC for the rebate off the box so I can't return it to Dell, but the card is pristine, brand new. I ran it up in my rig to ensure it works, and I can even email the potential buyer a screenshot of the exact specs (I use the GPUz utility). You get everything exactly as I got it from Dell as if it was brand new, and since I'll be getting the rebate I can pass that savings on to the buyer by listing it at a lower price.

$140 firm, and that includes Fedex Ground shipping. I take PayPal and Money Orders ONLY. Please PM if interested and I'll send my PayPal address. I have 100% rating on eBay (name paulied.), so no funny stuff from this seller! I just want this card to go to a good home.

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    I am interested in the card. Can you ship USPS instead? They have flat rate expedited shipping for the same cost as Fedex.

    My ebay name is "EliteMasterChief" - 100% positive rating. Gimme a pm or email.
  2. BSD, I sent an email, hopefully it got through.
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