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I have to travel alot for work, and I would like to be able to get a laptop that is great for gaming (FPS games, online RPGs, etc) - looking for something like the alienware gaming laptops, that can handle the extreem 3d graphics well, but does not cost a small mint - anything like this exist?

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  1. I must advise you not to get an alienware laptop, it may sound/look good but it is garbage on the inside. Just get a Dell XPS system, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg and still kicks butt for a laptop. Be warned though, laptops like that are very large and have very little battery life. It is pretty much a desktop machine in a little case :)

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  2. I just configured me a XPS system, ran up to $4700, but a nice system.

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  3. I'd have to disagree. I currently use my Alienware Area-51m laptop and I have used my friend's Dell XPS on several occasions. To start off, Alienware Desktops are a complete rip off. Alienware is very expensive but well worth it. For similar components in a Dell XPS, Alienware will cost around ~$500-$1000 less. Additionally, IMO Dell XPS laptops look very ugly. They remind me of what laptops looked like around 1996. Also in terms of customer/tech support, Dell usually requires you to send your system off to them as opposed to Alienware who will generally try to help you fix your system at your home.

    Simply put, Dell XPS is a large plastic hunk of dung, while Alienware is a magnesium-alloy car-painted object of love.
  4. The xps may be big, ugly, and expensive but at least it doesn't have a sis chipset :) Why on earth did alienware choose sis chipsets for their "gameing" laptops!
    The price of the xps and area51m are on par with eachother, if anything the xps is better value due to intel chipset.
    the 3.06ghz, 256mb pc2700, geforce5700go, 40gb 5400rpm hd area 51m is $2059
    the 3.4ghz, 512mb pc3200, 128mb radeon9700m, 60gb 7200rpm hd dell XPS is $2279
    That is a little better bang for the buck in my book but thats just me. I'd never buy either of them anyway though :) I like my laptops to be mobile not just portable, lol.

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  5. I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 and it is very good stable machine. The XPS series rocks, a friend has one, and it is sweet.
    Hypersonic seems to have some nice notebooks, imo.

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  6. Obviously, its more a matter of what parts you want to spend more money on. The only problem I have with your configurations is the nVidia Card. As far as my experience goes, ATI makes better mobile cards while nVidia likes to add a few extra, useless features.

    Obviously I'm opinionated, and obviously I'm a fanboy for the company I paid $3000 to.
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