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I have a Pavillion (m9150f) with Vista 32. I want to upgrade to Win7.
I have the HP factory restore partition and 2 raid 0'd 350GB drives,
I want to unraid, remove the factory partition and upgrade to X64
I understand that I have to do a clean install, so how do I verify to the
installation program that I had Vista without a DVD?
Will I have any other problems with the above preferences?
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    I'm guessing that the RAID is hardware-based (through either a controller card or a controller chip on your mobo). If it is hardware-based, then you (probably) will have to do undo it through the BIOS.
    Now, as to upgrading, most details about the upgrade process are at this point unclear. It *sounds like*, so far, that Win7 verifies a previous OS by seeing it installed on the HDD. I know a lot of people are saying that the Vista install disk is enough to pop in and enter its license key, but many official and/or knowledgeable sources say it isn't. If this ends up being the case, I recommend that you take an image of Vista as it is installed on your RAID array, back the image up to an external drive, destroy the RAID array, then flash the Vista image to one of the unRAIDed HDD's. Then you have Vista on one HDD and you can upgrade that to Win7, again on just one HDD.
    Hope this addresses your situation. Good luck!
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