World's biggest gold coin

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  1. Can't steal it. Too heavy to carry.

    Should make a replica chocolate version so I can afford it.
  2. In a couple weeks I'll have my gumball machine complete where it only accepts 100kg gold coins.
  3. I knew this fat chick once that could .... wait .. wrong forum.
  4. Alright I need 11 more volunteers and Sandra Bullock to pull this off.

    Anyone know where Don Cheadle is?
  5. I hope the queens facing to the left, as she usually gets the first few scents anyways
  6. Not as big as that gong, Indie was using to escape in that Chinese restaurant. :P
  7. This is big! It is not for all collectors. The good news is that Perth Mint has released a smaller version for sale in the website
  8. Great ...
  9. Agree. But then we already know our government and opposition are both spammers from their ads on TV before the election !

    Edit: reply doesn't make any sense now after reynod edit his post.
  10. With gold I bet.
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