BioShock Serurom DRM in Draconian Form

Okay, in a nutshell, here is the problem. And it is BioShock's DRM....

I have been having major problems with both my DVD and CD burners... I keep getting Non-allocated Space errors that won't let me do my back-ups, using Easy CD Creator 7.5...on either CD-RWs or DVD-RWs.
All I can do is erase the disc and start from scratch...not even ScanDisc fixes it. Then, the next time I go to update the files on the disc..I get ... "This is a Read-Only Disc disc, you cannot record to it..." or some such...and I find the Non-allocated Space thingie....again.
My install of XP Full with SP2 isn't that old..and I don't have anything new that I haven't been running for a long time....and this problem appeared after I reinsalled the OS and reinstalled BioShock.
This is even affecting my Floppies!
I have XP fully Updated.... natch.
Games installed, BioShock Retail Box, Stalker Retail Box,Float32 Shader Patch Rev B,, Crysis Retail Box, Far Cry Retail Box...FEAR Retail Box, and FEAR; Perseus Mandate, Retail Box.

Here is the short and sweet response from 2k's Tech Glen Wakefield:

"We are sorry you feel that way about our game but it is part of the games copyright protection. However this is a Technical Support department only and we can only deal with tech support queries" Tech Support cannot even make a suggestion other than "Not Interested?" And from that resppnsew, I'd sy they know exactly what the problem is, btu won't admit it.

Of course, the Steam Version of BioShock doesn't have this problem.

And if I reinstall BioShock, the Installer requires hooking up on-line and grabbing the latest patches..and validating the DRM.... and the problem returns.

What really pisses me off, is that I am automatically assumed to be a thief, simply because I have Disc Burning software in my rig.
So, I have to continually wipe the discs where I keep back-up software, latest drivers, etc...and redo them from scratch after a large hassle?

And yes, I know my way around software and hardware...Build my own Modded Rigs, Beta'd DX from 6.5up to 9.0c...also Beta'd W2K and XP...including Driver SDKs...among other things. Hell, I even go back to the days of writing .cfgs to tek the most outa a gam.. My fisrt 3D Cr was a Monster 3D with a whopping 4MBs of RAM!!! so I could run Open GL Quake.

And among these posts at 2K's Forums... I am all but being called a thief...etc..

[quote}Originally Posted by TaylorMichaelL
Hold up a second.

Interesting boost. It has absolutely no impact on either people's feelings towards you or this post. CEOs of companies (who definitely hold patents and TMs) have been crooks. Such boosting also does not in any way permit you to post in these forums and then attack anyone who dares to respond. However I am interested in seeing the patents that you hold (TMs are just a money order away). Please post some of the patent #s you hold so I can get a better idea of what you do for a living. Thanks.

Okay... just where am I, to quote you "...Such boosting also does not in any way permit you to post in these forums and then attack anyone who dares to respond." ???

Secondly, my TM dating back to the 1970's and my copyrights since..are none of your business.

I have simple questions about what the hell is going on with my RWs... and if you bothered reading my earlier posts, you would find that I know thing or to about hardware and software...

I am well-aware of the issues with SecuRom and other games.. and I have no issues with any of them.
Only with BioShock I have a problem updating my RWs.

Then from Administrator Elizabeth because I dared defend myself against being flamed:

am closing this thread to avoid any anger. if i find out anything new, i'll report it here, but as of now we cannot reproduce this problem under the conditions in our office.

Now, just how is trying to narrow down the causes of such a matter.. "attacking anyone who dares to respond?"

Because I speak my mind and express ideas, clearly and in concise English?

Well, my friend, at 60 years old... and a veteran of over two decades in war zones, 37 fractures, 15 surgeries, including bone grafts, 2 gunshot wounds, shrapnel and other assorted things including a Life Time Membership in The Agent Orange/Purple Club and a cancer survivor.....I have paid my dues..
And I scarcely think speaking clearly about an obvious problem is "attacking anyone."

I still use my "old rig" because everthing runs just fine on it.. My only issue is with BioShock and not being able to back up my RWs in either drive. This is the issue I want an answer to. Period.

I will build the next new rig when I see what I want in Multi-core AMDs... Intel lost me as a customer years ago when they decided for a time to place ID#s buried in CPUs so they could track individual users..just in case they "stole or prirated software or did something else wrong." Due to public outrage..they dropped the far as anyone can tell...

Does any of that sound the least bit familiar?

By the is the Old Guy's Rig that runs everthing just fine right out of the Box, including Stalker/Float32 Shader Patch, RevB, Crysis, BioShock, FEAR, FEAR; Perseus Mandate, Far Cry... all patched and are all system drivers and firmware.

Do I get the performance of high-end rigs and SLI? No, of course not. I also don't have all of the problems I see with Dual Cores and new-gen games. My Games run and look just fine...

AMD Athlon XP Barton 2800+/333FSB (OC'd)
Antec True Blue 2.0 480w PS
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
2X1G 400MHz Matched Dual Channel DDR w/Heat Spreaders(OCZ) (Tweaked)
eVGA e-GeForce 7800 GS CO w/256 GDDR3 AGP (OC'd)
Maxtor 160G w 8MB Buffer
Lite-On 32x12x40x CD-R/RW
Sony DRUx DL DVD Burner
1.4 Floppy
Full Windows XP Home Edition /with Service Pack 2
Direct X 9.0c, Aug. 07 Release
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  1. well.... since you've bought it anyway.... there's no reason you can't get bioshock off a torrent..... pirate copies used to fix DRM XD
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