Frontlines: Fuel Of War

Hey, anyone purchased this game i know its pretty fresh out but just wondering how it stacks up to the likes of COD4 and Halo as im thinking of buying it?

Cheers, Hog
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  1. If your on a console try the demo, ive got it. Its a decent game but it is a completly different type of FPS compared to Halo3 and COD4.

    If you like massive battles, tanks, gadgets with a hint of the future then this is for you. Its more comparable to the likes of the Battlefield series rather than the generic FPS such as COD or CSS.
  2. Battlefield guys in my clan say they dont like all the options for your load out with fuels of war, i say they just arent used to it yet, and pansies when it comes to change.
  3. I played the beta of the game and while I did enjoy it. I felt as though the FOV was somewhat small and probably do to it being developed on the consoles as well. I am real sensitive to games FOV. If I cant see enough on the screen then it bothers me and is a pretty crucial part of my buying decision, so I am still toying with the idea of getting it or not. I may try the console demo to see how it is. Anyone know what the sales figures are for PC for this game? Is there anyone playing it? Its sad that we have to ask these questions nowadays imo...


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