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New Nforce2 System hangs a few seconds after Post.

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December 12, 2002 7:51:00 PM


I have just assembled a new PC based on Leadteks K7NCR18D Pro Nforce 2 mboard. I have installed an Athlon XP2700, with copper shim and TT Volcano 7+ heatsink/fan. Memory is Kingmax PC2700 256MB (DDR333).

Upon POST the memory is detected OK as are all drives etc. After a few seconds the video signal shuts off and I get constant short beeps from the speaker. I have re-seated memory, swapped slots etc to no avail. I can still poer off the system with the 4 second hold on Pwr switch so I assume mboard is OK. I also assume CPU is OK as it will begin to post every time and I can sometimes get into BIOS setup...but not for long.

I am thinking it could be one of the following:

Heatsink/Fan not seated properly - I read a note to peel label off of shim but could not see one. One side of the shim was copper the other was silver. Was the silver half the label - should the shim be copper all over? (dum I know).

Memory? Doubt it, got two sticks tried one at a time...same result.

Could be a mboard raiser shorting but it would fail straight away.. I think.

My guess is that I have left the label on the shim and the BIOS is shutting down the CPU before it overheats.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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December 12, 2002 8:24:32 PM

uhh, post all the hardware on your computer including your vid card, and tell us how many beeps total. and have you looked up the beeps already?

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December 13, 2002 3:06:53 PM

Sorted it. Shim was slightly warped and system was shutting down on overheat.

Cheers anyway.