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As one of my friends at collage got one of these a while ago, hes been raving about it ever since! So i decided to try and buy one, as they cost about the same as a normal game and allow you to play mp3s, videos, pictures and, cough, ROMS...

Sadly, i cant find them in stock anywhere! The alternatives seem to have build quality issues, unreliability or more complex software (than the R4).

So far the only place ive found which has them in stock is LFEntertainment (http://www.lfentertainment.co.uk/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=3).

Anyone got any other suggestions on where to get one?


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  1. Well dude... I used to have an R4, but to be honest, R4 is the "old stock" now. The same people who make R4 also make M3 (and the models are practically the same, different labels, not sure why).

    The newest one though from them is the M3 Real. You can find it here:


    Wait... they're out of stock.... oh well... But yeah, what you're looking for is the M3 Real. The Perfect bundle also allows compatibility with GBA games and homebrew.

    I can also attest to Kickgaming that I've had pretty good service from them. No problems, ever... And it comes from Canada, so I don't have to pay tax. But yeah, check the site, they'll probably get more M3 Reals in stock in a week or two if you don't want to test your luck with other services.

    Best luck man.

    Oh... if you're really a picky buyer, you might also want to consider the CycloDS, it's probably the other "Best" cart out there.
  2. Oh, ide heard of the M3 but didnt know it was the same people.

    Ill check out that CycloDS too, thanks.

    Update: That CycloDS does look good, and the first site i found it on was for £32!
  3. I think im going to go for a CycloDS, whilst build quality doesnt seem to be as praised as the R4, the UI and Cyclops Team Support are very very highly praised! Its also bit a pain in the arse to get hold of :D THanks for suggesting it BeAuMaN!
  4. Well, I got a M3 Real and so far, it works as it should be. And it supports SDHC too. Even though R4DS and M3 Real are from the same manufacturer, I don't understand why the new R4DS flash card does not support SDHC and their packages do not include Slot-2 Expansion pack.
  5. Try www.Dangbox.com, they got the Authentic R4DS in stock Plus it comes with a Free 1gb MicroSD for a great price :)
  6. The above site is out of stock and based in the US

    Me and a few freinds have bought these cards from www.consolextras.net they are UK based and seem to know their stuff and offer some great deals, I was after a few cards so I contacted them at their website and he put a deal on the website for me.
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