Intel E8400 Wolfdale for 105

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  1. That's just a starting price, not a "buy it now". It's a bit misleading.
  2. my fault guys ;)

    it's still the lowest starting price at ebay and is never used
  3. use to get 8% back on ebay buy-it-now purchases.... there's so much bid-sniping going on w\ ebay now that bidding early is pointless alot of times. bastards come in last 5 seconds and outbid you and you don't have a chance to re-bid.
  4. If you bid your maximum amount - you don't have to worry. If it goes for less - you get it for less. Up to your maximum bid - you win. Only if it goes more than you want to pay anyway - you lose the item - but since it is more than you wanted to pay anyway - you "win".

    The only reason not to do the above is to try to wait and bid late to keep the price down. So some other person out-sniped you and you call him a bastard?

    But I agree with ibleet - posting an early price on an eBay item and calling it a deal is more than a bit misleading. I'm sure I can find thousands of such deals on eBay right now.

    Hey here is a real deal. NEW sealed in box Dell Inspiron 530 computer with core 2 duo processor and Windows Vista Home Premium - only $1.04 (or at least it was as of the moment I posted the link)
  5. While I do appreciate you agreeing with me, I must also point out that thread hijacking is also frowned upon. Your item will get more attention if you start a new thread.
  6. ????

    I am not hijacking anything, I am not offerng that eBay listing as a real deal - but as support for why such listings should not be posted here. I said it was misleading and gave an example. Compared to his cpu for $105, I provided an eBay listing of a whole computer for $1.04.
  7. By the way, Rule #5 for the hot deals section of the forum forbit posting eBay open auction items:

    "5. eBay auction links are not allowed. You are allowed to post items from eBay shops with a buy-now fixed price option. "

    Found at:
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