Oldskool Question (quake mission pack 1 music)

Ive just installed all my old quake 1 stuff and found that everything works fine except that mission pack 1 dosn't seem to want to play the cd tracks.

This has actually happened before along with loads of other people, I found a way to fix it but that was probably 5 or 6 years ago and i have no idea how I did it.

Anyone got any insights?
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  1. Just a wild guess, but - when Quake 1 was around wasn't the default Windows drive C and the default optical drive D. It might be that your optical drive isn't assigned as D?

    Just a thought.
  2. No it isn't that, it was a problem with the mission pack coding or the .PAK file, the other mission pack and original quake's music work fine. I always use D:\ for music etc
  3. Ive also checked to see if there is music on the cd... and its all there. The stupid game will just not pick it up
  4. Wasn't there a console command that turned CD music on and off anyway?
  5. the music tracks often times won't loop or move on to the next track when they finish. You'll be going along in a level, the music piece will end...and then that's it...no music, nothing. The only way I've been able to get it to come back is to save the current game, start a new game(which will start the intro music track), then finally reload your saved game. It's an annoying exercise, and sadly, one you'll have to do quite a bit throughout the game...

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