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  1. Good post.
    I like to stay on top of this kind of stuff.
  2. Yes...but does it increase FPS.
  3. unlikely
  4. First of all, u should instal the new 169.44 beta driver from nvidia

    I downloaded the crysis 1.2 patch, halfway through instalation it asks me to insert the original Crysis disk, which it doesn't detect. After a couple tries, it finds the disk, but then it gives me an error report (1334). I researched this error, and found

    I'll sum up wut is writen there, it seems that u have to uninstal any mods that u have added to the game in order for the update to complete. funny thing is, i havnt got any instaled lol. anyway, to updade this patch u have to completly uninstal and reinstal the game, then it'll work fine. You don't really get any extra fps ( I haven't confirmed this yet as i have to re-instal game first), but after this patch u do get a "crackling" noise occasionaly at the start of explosions and when shooting at the koreans (introduced a new bug with this patch). It does address some issues tho, but no major fixes. Save Games points don't seem to lag as much as before.

    "Crytek made a game no one can play, and now they released a patch no one can apply"


    Oh, where r the saved games located? i want to back those up before re-instaling and i can't find them lol
  5. I think this is the location for Crysis saves.

    My Documents\My Games\Crysis\SaveGames
  6. thx tmeacham, i got my savegames backed up now. Re-instaled Crysis and upgrade 1.2, and although the wierd mysterious smoke cloud disapeared from the middle of the sky, i didn't get any fps increase. Sound of blasts are a bit different, but that crackling noise when u shoot koreans i mentioned above didn't exist. sry 4 dat 1, i was only quoting from others.
    Anyway, patch fixes a few game-play related bugs and other improvements, but i couldn't feel anything different
  7. I was thinking. (scary huh?)
    Anyway, it seems Crytek doesn't care about selling millions of Crysis. (and it didn't)
    It's more about making a game engine and updating it. Then selling the engine license. An awesome engine indeed.
    As for gellert, I'll give Crytek the benifit (for now).
    Lets hope all gets ironed out by the next game chapter. (episode 1 or something like that)
  8. Ok, quick reply to my previous post. I said that the mysterious smoke cloud had disappeared with the upgrade to patch 1.2...I was wrong, just recently noticed that its still up there in the sky. I also found a shocking bug. I'm wondering if this is only on my pc, but both the rear wheels of the korean hummers are completly missing!!! This is js wierd. When i shoot into the missing wheels, the tire explodes off and then i can see the bald rims. I checked, and all the hummers throughout the game have "cloacked" wheels lol...

    Trust me when i say that I LOVE Crysis and I couldn't want anything more than it to be bug free. Whenever I play a game and come back to Crysis, it just feels soooooo much better then all the others.

    A little CPU oc can do miracles, I just increased my Q6600 from 2.4GHz to 2.7 where for some reason it topped out, but it made the game a lot more smoother. I'll try get help on Oc'ing forum about this, but its def. worth it

    Rock out, Hope Crytek can solve the remaining bugs soon...
  9. I installed patch 1.2 from 1.0 and I haven't modded anything.
    Didn't ask for dvd nor have I had any graphical bugs.

    Game is actually almost playable on a single 88gts on high now, not there yet but getting there I guess.
  10. my 1.2 is playable on 8800gt 512 on very high (xp hacked), with motion blur, post processing & shadowing to low..

    what about you guys?
  11. I got fed-up with the wheel bug, so I re-reinstaled crysis, added 1.1patch, then 1.2patch and deleted all my savegames, so started with a completly fresh version, and so the wheel bug disapeared. I havn't seen any other bugs, and am content again. The only issue I'm still having is when you change any grafic related settings, the game slows down a lot. also when it loads a new level, i have to restart the game to remain at that constant good fps rate
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