Gigabyte GA-7VAXP

Hi folks

I need Help!. Just bought the above mentioned MB. Put it in my case together with an enermax PSU. Did a Fresh WinXP install. And now the Problems start. I simply cant install any other nvidia driver other than WinXP's default. I have tried lots of different settings, but always the same result: After welcomescreen, the PC hangs, monitor turns on and off, and after a couple of minutes the pc rebbots and the show starts over.
Has anybody any ideas?


My System:
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP (Bios F9)
Geforce Ti4600 (Microsoft driver from WinXP)
2 x W.D 300BB in Raid 0
1 x W.D 200AB
Pioneer DVD116
Ricoh MP 7200A
512 MB DDR-Ram 2,5 333mhz
Innovatek watercooler
Enermax 350 Watt PSU
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  1. I've just RMA'd my board for the second time.

    I think it has either a seriously high bad component rate comming out of Taiwan, or it's got an incompatibility with the Geforce cards.

    I got video corruption with two different boards with a Ti4200. And a Geforce2 Ultra wouldn't even show video.

    Both cards are working perfectly in other machines, right this second.

    I think it's got some issues. I've had very SERIOUS thoughts about just getting another Asus board.

    Asus has done well by me, in the past. A couple of times. They have their share of problems, when they first come out, but the bios updates get hammered out and the final result is a good board.

    Pisses me off, too. I'm hoping this next board is a good one. Not everyone has had problems with the like us.

    "I personally think filesystems should be rewritten from scratch every 5 years..." --- Hans Reiser
  2. owww, that is indeed not good news what you are telling me, allthough it seems to me that your problem is a bit heavier than mine., because in my board the geforce is running (but still far from being able to run benchmarks). I have allready talked to the gigabyte help line. They said that my PSU was to weak (it was a little old, and it made sense what the man told me), so i bought this new enermax with plenty of Power. Did it help - nope!!. So now i'm gonna call that #&%$/§ again just to hear his excuses.

  3. no, never......

    Well, i have tried 4 or 5 det., from 40.41 up to the new one, 41.09. Same result every time. After welcomescreen the pc is starting WinXP, but something goes wrong. Only parts of the taskbar displays, only the center of the backgroundimage is shown, mouseartifacts appear and the pc hangs for a couple of seconds. Then it reboots, but with the same result - doing this endlessly. And driving me mad.
    The TI4600 is okay, because with the standard Microshit driver it seems to work (until a 3d-appl. starts.
    I read somewhere in this forum, that other guys are having Problems with the 7vaxp togehter with Nvidia-cards. Other Cards (like ATI) apparently doesnt make any Probs. I'm gonna buy a Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro to see if they are right. In the meantime i'm just gonna hang out with the standard Microsoftdriver and ploay solitaire (only games like that will run)


    Here's the name of the thread "gigabyte 7Vaxp windows install stop error"
    Latest news: suddenly i have come much farther in my search for a stable, running system. Now i'm able to run WinXP Together with the nvidia 40.71 drivers (but only in 16 bit. When turning 32 bit on, it goes wanky (but at least it runs). Why suddenly this cange.....I think it has something to do with the via hyberion drivers, and especially the agp-driver, because it seems to me that it isnt installed probably (everytime i start the install, i can install the agp-driver, but i can NEVER uninstall it - like it is not installed???). To all that i think my Geforce Ti4600 is dying on me, because every now and then the monitor turns of, just to schwich on a couple of seconds later. And i have got vertical stipled lines with 1 cm between them (looks like this I I I I I). <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by musen on 12/15/02 04:53 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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